Julie Dodd



I usually work with paper, constructing sculptural pieces from it, printing on it or making books from it. Books and magazines feature heavily in my work but I also recycle other discarded materials to form installations, bringing a new life and meaning to them.


My artwork is based on repetition and is inspired by pattern and shape found in nature. I feel compelled to work in multiples, which I use to mimic life, growth and regeneration. The processes involved in making my work are as important if not more important sometimes than the finished product.


I focus most of my attention on environmental issues and use my art practice as a platform to reflect my concerns of our consumption and environmental responsibility, often recycling discarded materials to produce a response.

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Selected Work  

Artist Statement

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I'm an environmental artist mainly working with recycled materials. Although some of my work is no longer available for sale I take commissions on already developed ideas as well as new concepts that can be developed with the client so if you have any questions please refer to the contact page and get in touch.

May 2020


A little video of a piece of art I created last week. Tree Pores is inspired by my apple tree and the beautiful patterns created by the pores in the cross sections of trees

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Most Recent Work  

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I started out as a watercolour landscape and cityscape artsist before going to college to first take a foundation course and then to graduate from Wirral Metropolitan College with a first class BA honours degree in fine art in 2009. I then continued to develop my practice at the same institute on the fellowship program for a further year before working independently as an artist.


I exhibit regularly, show work regionally, nationally and internationally. Within my art practice I also usually work on community based projects & run workshops although due to our current situation I am venturing into showing work through online films.