Julie Dodd


Books can be treasured possessions because of emotional ties they hold, whether it is when the book was read or even where it was read, connections to the characters, or feelings provoked.


Recycling materials is a major part of my art practice.  I am interested in protecting and conserving our world so I alter books as way of recycling and bringing new life to books. It is important to me to send out a message as well as making the work aesthetically pleasing.

Altered Books

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I first experimented with the books I had saved from my teenage years to produce the altered book installation, 'Forest: Lungs of the World'. It surprised me what a wrench it was to cut them up even though they were never going to be read by me again! I don't take cutting up books lightly so to finish the installation I collected old paperback books to recycle.


I can't bear to cut up books that I am sentimental over now, books of get value or what I consider to be great works, books that should be treasured for future generations, so I tend to cut up books that are either so destressed that they are to be thrown away or I use paperback books that I find at jumble sales. I purely use the book as a material to sculpt from rarely considering it's contents, instead i look at it's size, shade and thickness.


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