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This waves repetitive pattern was designed for a back lit steel relief.



Paper Sculptures

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Tree rings

If you are interested in commissioning me to create a piece of work please email me with your idea. Whether you know exactly what you want, you want me to work to a brief, you want me to develop an idea, or that you only know what you want it based on, just be as detailed as possible and I will get back to you as soon as I can.


Examples of commissioned work below.

Recycled book pages, magazines and other papers

Wall installation

IMG_9398 IMG_1491

Created from book pages and magazines to represent different birds.

Recycled Paper Birds


Cockerel and hen wire sculptures commissioned for a centre piece for a wedding table.

Wire Chickens

Tree cross section painting


Watercolour and pen. Produced in the same way as previous tree cross section work, looking pores and patterns in trees.


Spring themed installation window display

Commissioned for The Bluecoat Display Centre

IMG_5510 IMG_1586small

Tree with cross section patterns

Tree produced with the help of some eldery ladies through workshops for the foyer of an apartment block.


Blood Cells Wall Installation

Commsssioned by Bio-Rad


Paper Weddding Flowers

Wedding flowers created using love poems.

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Tree Rings