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Julie Dodd

Environmental Artist      Installation Artist       Altered Book Artist       Paper Sculptor       Book maker       Printmaker

shakespearean themed Workshops

To mark the 400th anniversary of the death of Shakespeare I developed two workshops that I delivered in Liverpool central Library to run alongside an exhibition also marking the anniversary.

Brooches made from shakespearean books based on ruffs and Shakespeare head 3D books.

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Bespoke Workshops

Most of my workshops are created especially for the client but some are truely bespoke, not to be reproduced in the same manner again.

I can work with you to produce an especially constructed workshop/workshops to fit a particular subject, age, time schedule etc.

The children of St James's entered a competition to design the decoration for their schools own panda that will be part of an exhibition in Greater Manchester over the Summer. A small selection of designs were chosen for me to work with and the school asked for the inclusion of a repeated scallop shell linking to St James and the use of the school colours.


After some consideration the design of a mosaic pattern (see below) was chosen and worked perfectly with the scallop shells.  

James the Panda Workshops

panda 6 alternative 1

Pupils mosaic design using the school colours

Addition of St James's scallop shell

I ran a series of four workshops for year 8's starting with the composition. The children were given templates of the various sized shells to help them plan out the design before drawing the mosaic free hand inbetween the shells and then finally they got to paint their panda James.

work in me meinprogress

Work in progress


Olympic themed

recycling workshops

Especially developed workshops that ran over the course of a week. This was developed for Summer School during the Olympics. Trophies, medals, plaques and olympic torches were made from various recycled materials  by 8-12 year olds.

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Mutant Mill Monster Workshop

Especially designed for a short evening workshop for children aged 5-10.


The children decorated a monster to be displayed at the Mill and drew their own monsters in the lead up to to meeting a childrens book author who had to come to read to them.

Suitable for chidren of all ages.

Recycled Town

This workshop was based on the town and the community that the children were part of. A similar workshop could be produced to suit other towns history.


I ran three children’s workshops for years 5 & 6 in two primary schools making recycled old style towns with watermills, windmills, churches, schools, market stalls and houses based on their town. This was linked into the SAICA project at their new PM11 recycling site.


The children used recycled materials whilst thinking about how their town once looked and the changes that have taken place.

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