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‘Bleached Coral’ is aproject I have been working on during lockdown. It mimics the destruction of coral reefs, to represent the fragility of our oceans.

The bleaching of coral has been interpreted literally for effect but coral reefs suffer a similar fate. The reefs are being ‘bleached' through the stresses of pollution and rising temperatures which result in the algae that gives coral its colour being ejected, leaving the coral prone to disease.

Although this can be devastating, recent reports suggest this doesn’t always have to be the end! Given the chance, survival can be a reality for coral that is still alive. It can repair and flourish once again! ‘Bleached Coral' in its devastated state warns us that time is of the essence for these fragile ecosystems. Isn’t their survival worth making changes for?

Bleached Coral

IMG_6454 IMG_6456
IMG_8903 IMG_8906 IMG_8910 Screenshot_1 Screenshot_2 IMG_8890

The bleaching process recorded

Before bleaching

After bleaching

From above image of the finished work (after the coral dried out)

Detail of finished work

Detail of finished work

Detail of finished work