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Julie Dodd

     Installation Artist       Altered Book Artist       Paper Sculptor       Book maker       Printmaker

By Julie Dodd, Sep 1 2018 08:00PM

This has been my last week working on the Summer Art sessions. I've been kept busy at The Priory in Birkenhead. I have been running a three day project working on the same theme as the previous weeks but being able to spend the time on a more skilled project. Sewing maps, decorating treasure chests and making coins.

By Julie Dodd, Aug 21 2018 07:00AM

This week I am at St Peters Church, Rock Ferry, from 10.30 - 2.30 today, Beaconsfield Community House tomorrow from 1-4 and on Thursday I'm outdoors at Woodlands field in Birkenhead from 10.30-2.30 creating everything viking in these drop in family drop in sessions.

By Julie Dodd, Aug 14 2018 11:00AM

This week I'm working in an empty shop in Birkenhead Shopping Centre opposite Burtons. I'm running a drop in family workshop for all ages with the theme 'Making your mark'. I've chosen to use this theme to look at the Wirrals past and I have been researching our Viking past. We will be printmaking using cardboard collagraphs that the visitors will make in the shape and style of viking coins.We will also be making viking style treasure maps.

As my project other artists will be working in the space on their projects based on 'Making your Mark'.

By Julie Dodd, Aug 8 2018 08:16PM

I have working on the Fallen Oak Leaf Project over the Summer varnishing every leaf created so far in preparation for producing a large installation in the Autumn n the Williamson Art Gallery.

By Julie Dodd, Aug 6 2018 10:00PM

Today I ran another session on the paper windmill. Its coming on well with about a quarter still to complete. Photos to follow.

By Julie Dodd, Jul 31 2018 08:00AM

Yesterday I worked with some chidren and adults at Biston Rise in the start of a mini project creating a paper windmill for their wall.

By Julie Dodd, Jul 26 2018 08:00PM

Today I ran a workshop in the middle of Hamilton Square Gardens in the Be in Birkenhead festival for the Wilfred Owen Commemoration in November.

By Julie Dodd, Jul 12 2018 08:00PM

I have working on a new project as Artist in Residence at Prenton High School for Girls in preparation for producing a large installation of work created with the community in the lead up to the centenary of the end of World War 1. I have been working with y5 local primary school children and y7 and y9 students from Prenton High School for Girls so far. Photos to follow.