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Julie Dodd

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Loggerhead Sea Turtles Update

By Julie Dodd, Nov 6 2018 10:00AM

Now that things have calmed down a little since 'The Fallen Oak Leaf Project' was installed I have been researching about tourism in Langanas and am finding more and more issues affecting the Loggerhead Sea Turtles futurewhich has made me wish I had looked into tourism before I went to Zakynthos.

Although I was respectful of the beach rules, only walking very close to the shoreline as you have to keep within 5 metres of the sea, obviously not dropping litter or going on the beach in the evening, there is advice online that I wasn’t aware of. You shouldn’t use sunloungers on the beach as the hotel owners use nesting sites for their sun loungers. Although there probably weren't any active nests this time of year and I stayed mainly arond the hotel pool I was staying at a beach side hotel that had sunloungers on the beach, it didn’t occur to me that they might just place them wherever they want, I presumed they would have to have permission from an authority that had done an ecological survey of the site. If I had known this could be a problem before I booked the hotel I wouldn't have booked one on the beach.

So two things now have tainted the trip, this and taking a boat trip. Both regretful, but I am still glad I visited Zakynthos. I feel that a project about protecting the Loggerhead turtles is even more important now I've seen the area first hand.

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