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Julie Dodd

     Installation Artist       Altered Book Artist       Paper Sculptor       Book maker       Printmaker

By Julie Dodd, Dec 19 2017 12:00PM

I have two small installation in OUR ANTHROPOCENE: ECO-CRISES showing in The Center of Book Arts, New York between January 19 – March 31, 2018

I'm just applying the finishing touches before I post it all off.

By Julie Dodd, Dec 18 2017 06:00PM

I've been working on ideas to adapt the Coral workshops I ran earler this year. Although the stuctures worked well as a base for the coral they took a long time to make and as I'm going to be offering workshops as a shorter project I thought using driftwood as a base would be an appropriate alternative.

Its hard to find alot of driftwood that is of a suitable size, texture etc so as in my examples I am suggesting that if there aren't the desired pieces for everyone more than one piece can be used.

I've tried adding colour subtley but I prefer them white.

By Julie Dodd, Nov 23 2017 10:00AM

There will be family workshops running at the Williamson art gallery this weekend. On Saturday Pam will be showing families how to make Christmas calendars and on Sunday I will be showing families how to make gingerbread house gift boxes and felt gingerbread men decorations as well as decorating salt dough tree decorations and other activities.

By Julie Dodd, Nov 16 2017 11:02PM

I am pleased to anounce that a piece of my work will be showing in an exhibition in the Museo Archeologico Nazionale della Valle del Sarno, via Cavour,7, Sarno, (Sa), 84087, Italy from 29th November – 31st December 2017

By Julie Dodd, Nov 4 2017 11:00AM

The workshops went well. I think the students got alot out of the sessions, but it was very fast passed! The teachers were lovely and the students were great. The students interacted well, asking questions and developing work as they tested techniques out further than I has asked making the work their own instead of direct copies of mine. They can hopefully continue the work in atleast three or four possible ways which could provide them with many outcomes.

By Julie Dodd, Nov 2 2017 11:00PM

so I've put together a ppt and a few samples for them to pass around while I'm talking. I am going to start with the watercolour demo, give them time to have a go and move onto monoprinting. I'm hoping this will be an introduction to printmaking, enabling them to get their ideas down quickly before we move onto making card plates for collagraphs. Obviously these wont be finished in the remainder of the half day sessions but they show understand how to layer the plates up, how they can make the most of materials and what kind of effects they can expect. Finally I will finish with some 3d technique demos which if time permits they can try out. Its a lot to fit into the sessions but I want them to get a basic understanding of as much that I do as possible.

By Julie Dodd, Nov 2 2017 07:00AM

So I've been working on ideas to make the work 3D. They won't have time to complete this although they may have chance to test out the techniques. If the workshops were longer I would show them how to adapt their prints through photoshop or illustrator and then they could produce a 3D piece relatively quickly but they could go on to do this without me. I think the best approach is just to show them as much as many techniques as possible without bombarding or boring them.