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Julie Dodd

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development for workshops

By Julie Dodd, Nov 2 2017 11:00PM

so I've put together a ppt and a few samples for them to pass around while I'm talking. I am going to start with the watercolour demo, give them time to have a go and move onto monoprinting. I'm hoping this will be an introduction to printmaking, enabling them to get their ideas down quickly before we move onto making card plates for collagraphs. Obviously these wont be finished in the remainder of the half day sessions but they show understand how to layer the plates up, how they can make the most of materials and what kind of effects they can expect. Finally I will finish with some 3d technique demos which if time permits they can try out. Its a lot to fit into the sessions but I want them to get a basic understanding of as much that I do as possible.

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