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This project started as a response to a proposal by the curator Louise Atkinson of Artist Book Collective. 'Home from Home' was a show that transformed a city centre Victorian terrace in Leeds by responding to the theme of Home and was shown alongside the 14th Leeds International Artist Book Fair.


153 Woodhouse Lane, 11th - 18th March 2011

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'Building Blocks of Life' was shown in the 'MEMORY B(L)ANKS exhibition, Axis Arts Centre, MMU Cheshire, Crewe, CW1 5DU, from 6th-17th June 2011.


'In MEMORY B(L)ANKS twenty artists reflect on the impact of memory within contemporary issues of identity. Cultural, Political and Corporeal responses manifest Through Film, Installation, Live Art, Sculpture and Sound'. Emma Thackham (memory blanks curator).


'Building Blocks of Life' is showing in the exhibition HOME  this month as part of the LightNight programme at The Bridewell Studios and Gallery in Liverpool.


'Building blocks of Life' was first created as a response to the idea of ‘home’ for the 'Home from Home' show in Leeds in conjunction with the Leeds Artist Book Fair.

2011 (See below for more information and photographs)


And was developed further for MEMORY B(L)ANKS  shown at Axis Arts Centre, where twenty artists reflected on the impact of memory within contemporary issues of identity.

2011 (See below for more information and photographs)


Being shown later at 'SUPERMARKET' Stockholm Independents Art Fair with SCIBASE to be shown as part of the 'Bring a Box' Exhibition.

I have collected things of personal meaning to me for as long as I can remember, keeping them in books of one kind or another. When I have trawled through them I have found myself overwhelmed with emotions, predominantly of loss and love and have been wrapped up in feelings of nostalgia.


As well as memories and emotions flooding back I have found myself lost to remembering what other items once meant to me, forgotten forever now, but as they where once kept to remind me of something I had to still hold on to them.  


'Building Blocks of Life' is a small installation which documents my life. Instead of holding onto keepsakes, drawings, letters, photographs etc, in the traditional manner of photo albums, scrap books etc I have produced an installation where I've recycled these things, bringing them together to form the 'Building Blocks of Life'. Although unrecognisable they still hold the same memories for me. I can't imagine this project will ever be finished as I continue to collect mementos that will later have to be added.


Mediums: old sketchbooks, photo albums, diaries, textbooks and scrap books containing drawings, photographs, cards, letters and other snippets that have been part of my life.


Each block is about 2cm cubed.

Blocks 300+ (This work is an ongoing project)

Building Blocks of Life

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