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After the success of the Bring a Box Exhibition that SCIBASE invited me to participate in at 'SUPERMARKET' the Stockholm Independents Art Fair, they invited me to exhibit in 'INHOSPITABLE' as part of the Liverpool Independents Biennial 2012


This was the first time 'Can't see the Trees for the Forest' was fully created and constructed by me. It follows on from a project I worked on when I was resident artist at the Comma butterfly shop in earlier this year.


The trees had to be re-created for the exhibition at the Bridewell in Liverpool which ran from Tuesday 2nd October to Monday 15th October 2012

When Britain’s native trees are chopped down they are usually replaced but often it’s with non-native faster growing species. Our trees are beautiful and nature’s pattern is being wiped out and redesigned, often being replaced by faster growing fir trees such as conifers. The closed canopies of these trees block out almost all light from reaching the forest floor leaving little or no ground flora. But these trees haven’t just had a detrimental affect on woodland plants; in turn animal life has also suffered.

Can't see the Trees for the Forest

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When I installed 'Can't see the Trees for the Forest for 'INHOSPITABLE' I learnt that the process of installing this work was more important than the finished piece to me. The indigenous trees although similar in shape, colour and content are all individual whilst the addition of the invasive fir trees obscuring the view left me wanting to tear them down to reveal the beauty behind.

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A revised version of the installation 'Can't see the Trees for the Forest' was shown from 2 June to 6 July 2014 in the Hornby Room at Liverpool’s Central Library as part of The Liverpool Book Art exhibition of Artists' Books. Please note in some of the images the work has been photographed from the balcony which can't be accessed by the public, viewing will be from beneath the installation.


In this version  the trees are clusted together.

IMG_4387 IMG_4400 IMG_4496 IMG_4484 IMG_2593 IMG_2499

A revised version that is shown below was also used for the two most recent installations. In 2015 it was shown as part of a paper exhibitin in CODA, Appeldoorn, The Netherlands

Over the summer of 2016 'Can't see the Trees for the Forest' was shown at Beeldentuin Achter de Westduinen, Ouddorp, Holland along with three other installations.