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'Pods' are based on blood cells. They started out as intaglio/relief prints and where constructed into pods with the ideas of protection, security and comfort in mind, but also about how fragile these things are.


They where first shown as a print assessment, but since then they have been shown at a few exhibitions including 'Triple Echo' a touring exhibition in 2008-2009 which showed at the IMPACT Print Conference in September 2009.


They where last shown in an exhibition at 'Six Rooms gallery' as part of the Liverpool Independents Biennial 2010, since then they have been dismantled and recycled into 'Blood Streams' which can be found on the 3D Printwork page

101_6690 100_3094 100_3033 100_3051 100_3052 100_3063 100_3084

'Cells' are a series of relief printed pieces about losing your identity when being part of a group. Often we have preconceived ideas of people and place them into groups of nationality, colour of skin, male or female. Each piece differs in colour, shape and size but the same printing plates where used in their production.

'Flesh' is inspired by cell production and represents some of the fundamental things that make us human beings. Although very basically made the same, each one of us is individual and ‘Flesh’ is about something that is beautiful not actually being all it appears to be. As the saying goes, beauty is only skin deep, so I have taken the colours found in flesh, skin, organs and blood to make something beautiful.

102_1392 102_1394 102_1396 102_1398

‘Blood Cells’ represents beauty found in the inner body and was inspired by cell production. The colours chosen for the cells are taken from blood, organs and skin.


The 'Blood Cells' collection was auctioned in Arena Studios and Gallerys 10th Annual Art Auction in association with Liverpool Art Month 2012


For more recent blood cell work please look at my Blood Cells Commission


Blood Cells




Cell Construction

Blood Streams

'Blood Streams' convey how robust and yet delicate the human body is at the same time through the use of wire in conjunction with paper. Created from recycled Pod artwork (see below for details)

IMG_8599 IMG_0389 IMG_0382 100_6166 100_4016 100_4013

'Untitled Cell' Series

Collaged from relief prints this work contains several layers which represent the changes which come about in our lives. Some layers becoming almost unrecognisable.

Untitled-3 100_1316a 100_3981

Other Blood Cell work

I produce lots of work based on blood cells. These screenprinted untitled pieces are from the same paper stencils as flesh. Also see the Wro commission based on the same cells.

Click on an image to find out more

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Postcard Cells

Postcards cells are created using digitally copied images of relief prints that are carefully sewn into original compostions to make very affordable art that still remains different from the rest of the series.


Available in A5 and A6

IMG_0160 IMG_0156 IMG_0158 IMG_0155 IMG_0159 IMG_0150

Untitled Cell Stucture

101_6598 100_3097

This cell installation was produced by each cell being screen printed from paper stencils. They where created in one session and mimic cell production. They where first shown as part of my print elective assessment during my degree, but have since been installed with other work in a Solo Show Life in Paper  and recycled for Cell Production in the solo show Beneath the Surface

multiple cells 102_0929ab