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Coral on Drift Wood or Stones

Each year the projects based on my coral colonies develop further and so there are many ways to present them now but the construction techniques remain more or less the same. Each develop the students paper manipulating skills using cutting, sculpting, rolling etc whilst they study the natural form of various corals. With all types of coral workshops I demonstrate several ways of working, starting off with simple forms and progressing to the more advanced, difficult techniques as the day goes on which can be applied to the students  own work and adapted if they wish.

Coral Colonies

This version of  the coral colonies also takes a couple of days as the students create a base for their coral to grow on that can light up using a battery powered tealight.

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This project took the equivalent of a couple of days to compleete. It took such a considerable amount of time as the 15cm by 15cm piece of card had to be filled completly, although the size of the base could be reduced.


Unlike my work I wanted the students to use colour in their work so that they could study living, diverse corals which could be represented using a variety of papers, textures and paint with the girls having to consider colour, shape and size combinations.

This is a full day workshop and is the quickest of the coral projects.

IMG_3853 IMG_3850 IMG_3842 (1)

Work produced by y10's at Prenton High School for Girls in 2018

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Work produced by y11's at Bank View High School in Liverpool


Coral on cardboard bases

Coral on cardboard bases

I have developed this workshop as an alternative to working with paper to bring down the construction time.  

Alternative half day coral workshop on stones

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Work produced by y10's at Prenton High School for Girls in 2019