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Julie Dodd

Environmental Artist      Installation Artist       Altered Book Artist       Paper Sculptor       Book maker       Printmaker

Curriculum based Workshops

This 'cardboard sushi' workshop was developed to fit in with the curriculum for a class of year 2's who had been looking at Japanese culture.

This workshop was devised as an extension task for year 2's to work together in groups to make very large recycled 'rubbish' flags. Covering the countries travelled between Great Britian and Japan.

Foreign Culture

Cardboard Sushi

Foreign Culture

'Rubbish' Flags

102_1942 102_1939 102_1932 102_1944 102_1945 102_1900

I can develop workshops to fit alongside the school curriculum whether they are loosely based on my own art practice or are to be developed from scratch. Please see examples below.


If you are interested email me with as much information as you can:

Subject matter/ideas

Year group/groups

Length of workshop/workshops


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I ran three children’s workshops for years 5 & 6 in two primary schools making recycled old style towns with watermills, windmills, churches, schools, market stalls and houses as part of a larger project with SAICA to mark the opening of their new paper mill.


We started by looking at the history of Partington up to modern day and the changes that have taken place.  The children used recycled materials to create different aspects of their town.

2013-06-19 15.25.26[1]

History of local environment

Recycled Towns

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Natural Form/Paper manipulating techniques

Garden Birds, nests and feathers

Suitable for teenagers.


Looking at natural form, a choice of various garden birds are available. Using recycled books pages, a little wire and tape a unique garden birds can be created during a whole day workshop. Nests and feathers are optional additional extras to this workshop and can be used as extension tasks.

IMG_9266 IMG_0092 20141130_175824 20141130_183526 20141130_183309 20141130_175540 20141130_183249 20141130_175816 IMG_3680a

Natural Form/Watercolour painting & computer enhanced manipulation

Pores paintings


Watercolour workshops based on microscopic images of cross sections of various plant life.

Another or additional option is a workshop creating and  using simplified ink drawings of the microscopic images and enhancing them through photo maniulation using arious techniques, producig very different results to the paintings through the use of the same subject matter.

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