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Measles books

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Measles postcards

Foreign Bodies

Looking at the diseases spread during colonisation of North America, the diseases themselves colonising areas of the body. An invasion of measles, Smallpox, influenza and malaria.


This wall installation made of wired prints was intended for the Colonized exhibition in Jamestown but was later altered for packaging purpases, see below for the altered installation.

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The Dykeman Young Gallery, courtesy of Dave Cotton

The Dykeman Young Gallery,

courtesy of Dave Cotton

The Dykeman Young Gallery, courtesy of Dave Cotton

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This altered installation was are sewn together to form a rapidly multiplying colonisation.


It was shown as the main piece of  a large body of work  in Jamestown, NY throughout April 2014 as part of a group show 'COLONIZE' by SCIBase artists.

Measles books were also created especially for Colonize

The measles postcards on the left were also created especially for Colonize for the postcard exhibition but were changed for posting purposes to the postcards below.

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A small screen printed installation created especially for 'Colonize Revisited'.


Based on the same theme as the work shown in 'Colonize' in Jamestown, NY (see below) but this time focusing in on just one disease.

Shown with 'Daughter' by Elena Thomas

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Foreign Body seperates

Foreign Bodies (see below) has been split into smaller pieces, seperating the diseases to make smaller installations that it can be custom installed and be rearranged as often as wanted to create fresh, unique wall pieces.