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This work was previously shown as part of a body of work collectively labelled 'A Year of Trees' at The Williamson Art Gallery, Wirral as part of the 'Wirral Metropolitan College Fellowship Show' and 'Liverpool Independents Biennial' from 2nd October-14 November 2010.


During the year I spent on the fellowship program at Wirral Metropolitan College I solely produced work based on trees, in response to our involvement in the destruction of trees, concentrating on the importance and impact they have on the planet.


I didn’t realise at that point that trees would continue to feature so predominantly in my work but I just keep getting drawn back to them not just because of their endangerment and importance for the survival of the planet or connection to paper but also because of their beauty. Forest:Lungs of the World was one of three installations shown.

With the ever growing concern of Climate change, this work is about the declining population of trees and the importance and impact they have on the planet. Carbon dioxide is probably the largest contributor to climate change, with human consumption being the major factor. Trees play an important role in the survival of our planet as they absorb carbon dioxide. Inspired by lung tissue, this miniature forest canopy emphasizes how trees are the lungs of the World.


A year of Trees

Forest: Lungs of the World


(Edition of 80, 66 remaining)

10 are in The Yuko Nii Foundation permanent collection at The WAH Centre in New York

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Shown during the summer of 2016 in ‘Beeldentuin Achter de Westduinen' Ouddorp

CODA Paper 2015 in the Netherlands in 2015

Below, left: Co-Exist, Southend on Sea

Below, right: Williamson art gallery