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'Human Nature' was a large site specific installation produced in the third year of my degree as my final assessment for the degree show at the Williamson Art Gallery, Wirral. None of this work exists anymore but it has been put to good use by being recycled to produce more artwork.


I simplified microscopic images from the human body to very basic forms, stripping them of their colour and aesthetic beauty so that it was the multitude that would be initially noticed in this artificial landscape.




I wanted to create a landscape made up of cells, making a human landscape, a bodyscape of cell structures, bringing the micro into visual range, but also touching on how we control our environment, dictating how the landscape looks, whether it’s through crops for food production or through leaving an area to grow naturally. 75% of earth’s appearance is due to us. But not just in appearance lots of our farmed land has degraded so much that the planet can’t keep up with replenishing the ground.

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Human Nature

Cumulus Cells

Unilocular Slope

Epithelium Hexagon Causeway

Cochlea Shells


On June 18th 2012  this image of Unilocular Slope was displayed on one of the bright LED screens (9 ft x 12 ft) located on Broadway and 43rd Street in a massive exhibition showing works by thousands of artists in Times Square as part of the  'Art Takes Times Square' billboard premiere event!


Left: Standing benneth the Cumulus Cells.

Above: Looking inside the Cumulus Cells.

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