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'Inner Beauty' is a paper installation that was first shown at Arena Gallery, Liverpool in 2011 as a solo exhibition on completion of my residency at their studios and latery at the Williamson Art gallery as part of the de-junk, re-junk  before being housed in Ouddorp.


'A response to the artificial way beauty is perceived as only skin deep.

The pattern was inspired by microscopic images of inside the human body and was constructed using layers of 'skin' from images of models in magazine pages (fashion, beauty and glamour)’.


800 + pieces (ongoing project)

Inner Beauty' is an ongoing project that's added to between projects when I have skin tones in magazines.


It mimics how mould spores grow and spread and reflects how outer beauty can in some cases be an ugly attribute, being something beautiful and yet repulsive at the same time.

It's what's inside that counts.


The ‘inner beauty’ pieces are circular repetitive patterns that are heavily flawed as a representation of life. The imperfections give each piece individuality, making each interesting as single pieces of work as well as when part of a grouping.


To see photographs of  'Inner Beauty' in Arena Gallery go to the Solo Shows Inner Beauty page

Inner Beauty

Inner Beauty at The Williamson Art Gallery as part of the Dejunk - rejunk exhibition and at Wolstenholme Creative Space as part of the 'Fixation' Exhibition, shown with 'The little sculpture that could' by Kit Abramson in the foreground.

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Situated permantly in the restaurant in ‘Beeldentuin Achter de Westduinen', Ouddorp from Summer 2016

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