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'Life in Paper' was my first solo show and exhibited all the work I had made from paper, including installation, sculpted, printed and bookwork over the previous three years. Shown at Mersey Bio, Liverpool, March-May 2010

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This series is about life long relationships, kinship and blood ties.

(stencils, spray paint, watercolour paint, wax and relief prints)


(Collection of 4, 2 remaining)

This series of work began as relief prints. They have become collages  being made up of several layers which represent the changes which come about in our lives. Some layers becoming almost unrecognisable.


(Collection of 6)

'Security Blanket' is about false assurances and based on lung tissue.I used paper stencils to screen print the images and then each print was cut out individually and the middles were  removed and then glued back together to produce the blanket.

Life in Paper

'Untitled Cell' Series

Security Blanket

'All that is left' Series

Cumulus Clouds

'Cumulus Clouds' was from the paper installation 'Human Nature'