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Lung Tissue

100_4383 close_up_of_blanket

Security Blanket

'Security Blanket' is about false assurances and based on lung tissue.I used paper stencils to screen print the images and then each print was cut out individually and the middles were  removed and then glued back together to produce the blanket.

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Growth I, II & III

Growth I, II and III are from a series of screenprints inspired by images of lung tissue under the microscope.

Sinister Structure

DSCF8157 DSCF8159

'Sinister Structure' is a continuation of development from 'Growth and Regeneration' (below) Both are based on images of inside the human body from under the microscope.

Growth and Regeneration

Built up from layers of cut paper.

IMG_9159 Evolving Sinister Structures 2 Evolving Sinister Structures 3 Evolving Sinister Structures I IMG_3265 100_3869

Forest: Lungs of the World

With the ever growing concern of Climate change, this work is about the declining population of trees and the importance and impact they have on the planet. Carbon dioxide is probably the largest contributor to climate change, with human consumption being the major factor. Trees play an important role in the survival of our planet as they absorb carbon dioxide. Inspired by lung tissue, this miniature forest canopy emphasizes how trees are the lungs of the World.


(Edition of 80, 66 remaining)

10 are in The Yuko Nii Foundation permanent collection at The WAH Centre in New York.

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Evolving Sinister Structure Series

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Development of 'Sinister Structure' see below and the Sinister Structure books.

untitledui smallb IMG_9982

Sinister Structure Postcards

A more affordable version of Sinister Structures. Still produced as reliefs but with less depth as the Evolving Sinister Structure series.

julies_print_work2a `q

This installation was a development of the 'Sinister Structures' paper cut books inspired by cell structures. I had found a way of creating depth by using cutting holes into the pages of the books to create a tunnel effect which not only created depth but shaped the way the work developed. But it was restricted by the boundaries of a book shape and size. I started working on A4 sized pieces for framing using the negative space still but also building up layers of paper to create depth lost by using flat layers of paper. I was still restricted by the frames so finally the work has been allowed to expand freely into this installation and has grown into something very different and yet still recognisable as part of this theme of work.

Sinister Structures Installation