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Julie Dodd

Environmental Artist      Installation Artist       Altered Book Artist       Paper Sculptor       Book maker       Printmaker

Outreach projects

I've been working on the outreach programme with Birkenhead Art,The Williamson Art Gallery, Wirral Methodist housing and the friends of the Williamson and various sponsors like Big Lottery Fund and the Arts Council England over the last few years. The outrecah programme gives artists the chance to work outdoors with the community on half day themed workshops working with children of all ages on a project that they have prepared based on that years theme.


The annual exhibition of the young peoples work is held each September to celebrate their achievements.

2012 Cereal Box Town

This workshop can be adapted for various themes.


Residential, industrial and the market place workshops based on Birkenhead and the surrounding areas which took place over the course of a week involving children aged 3-15.

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`Based on the theme ...and the River flows on` I chose to work with the chidren on various vessels that would/could be seen on the Mersey past and present.

2015 Paper/Card Boats

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2017 Plastic Bottles/Flowers

2017 Cardboard Vehicles

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2017 Paper Tree

This piece has been created  through paper manipulation workshops using old books and magazines. This work will eventually take residence at Beaconsfield Community House in Rock Ferry but forst it will be shown as part of the Summer Arts at The Williamson Art Gallery.


Recyling plastic bottles and pens to create various flowers in four different locatiions

Recyling cardboard boxes in the Pyramids Shopping Centre to make cars, trains, rockets, buses and other vehicles.

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2018 Viking Artefacts

We looked at the theme ‘making your mark’ by looking at how Vikings made their mark on the Wirral. We explored the idea of treasures yet to be found and created imaginary Viking artefacts that could still be buried and treasure maps to lead the way to them.


We created cardboard collagraph coins to print from, we recycled boxes by decorating them to create treasure chests and we designed are own treasure maps.