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Watercolour paintings of trees with ink layered on top for the detail.

tree tree 1 IMAG3497 IMAG3495 IMAG0016

Watercolour paintings of tree sections with ink layered on top for the detail.

Tree Pores

Paintings and Drawings

Tree Pores

I've been paintings Cross Sections/Pores Paintings for many years now that have been inspired by microscopic images of tree and other plant cross sections. Since lockdown I've been working with pencil and coloured pen over the top of the watercolour paint and I've been making Holly-Wood Cross Sections which can be displayed in various ways, as seen below, stacked and installed as wall pieces.

IMG_8641 IMG_8651 IMG_8643

Pores paintings

IMG_9035 IMG_9029 IMG_1924

Coral Patterns

Watercolour paintings of coral patterns with ink layered on top for the detail.

coral2a coral1 finished coral3 alternative IMG_3798 IMG_3777 IMG_3810 IMG_3773 IMG_3795 IMG_3779 IMG_3784 IMG_3790

New Work

Watercolour and pencil

Cross Sections

20200602_161756 20200602_161811 20200602_161502 20200602_161829(0) 20200602_161436

Watercolour and black pen

Watercolour and different coloured pens

Holly-Wood Cross Sections

Cross Sections

Cross Sections

20200606_165705 20200606_165821 20200606_165727 20200606_165522
P1110734ca P1110738cb P1110845dg 20200606_161755 20200606_162024 20200606_162315

Cross Sections

Watercolour and ink