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These books where developed to resemble the lungs. They have no words or images and where designed to be viewed in a splayed position to be seen as an object rather than a book.

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This was the first cut book I developed and although it has been sold it remains one of my favourites. Based on cell structures, the pages have been used as layers that when seen together through the front cover make up the overall image.

Inspired by the 'Inside Out' book, I have made many versions of these.

These boxes are based on human fat cells and refer to the cosmetic industry. Consisting of a series of boxes which sit inside one another, my work beautifies the subject matter, altering and enhancing the fat cell image. By removing the outer box lids the imagery gets stripped down to a basic form. The work is about manipulating the subject matter, to highlight how the cosmetic industry use fats in their products that we apply to enhance our appearance.

My favourite method of working is cutting and this features a lot in my handmade books. The pages are often used to make up lots of layers that form an over all image often making the book become an object.


These books are about taking the book back its beginings by making it into a tree. Each book is made up of left over book pages that I have recycled to form a sculptural book

Paper Cut Books

'Back to your Roots' Books

'Lung Tissue' Books

'Inside Out' Book

'Box Cell' Boxes

'Fat Cell' Boxes


'Sinister Structures' Books

Based on microscopic images of cell structures these books are treated as objects, each page being useless without the other pages and the holes created in the pages making up the overall image which can be viewed through the front cover.



One of the 'Sinister Structures' books is now part of the Tate's Artists book Collection.