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I was commissioned to design and create a wall installation for SAICA’s PM11 paper mill with the addition of running four children’s workshops at PM11 that would see the children from the local community and visiting spanish children working on something to be incorporated or displayed alongside my work.


I designed the main piece that runs through the installation so that it could be split into sections and left the outer two sections empty so they could be worked on when the children visited, that way their work would be integrated into the piece.


The children were shown my part of the installation in situ before starting the workshop. They were told about why and how the installation was being created, what I was taking inspiration from and how their work would fit into the design.


I ran four children’s workshops on paper manipulating for 5-8 year olds from the local commmunity and also for visiting spanish children.


The children learnt several paper manipulating techniques through simple ways of rolling and fixing the paper to produce a variety of patterns and they explored ways of creating different designs that would be infitting with my design. Their work (the outer two sections) was incorporated into my wall installation.


The aim was to give the children an insight into the way an artist works, involving them in the processes taken in creating an artwork. Giving their work a permanent place amongst mine at SAICA. Enabling the children to think about alternative ways to create artwork, getting them to work togther as well as independantly and to hopefully inspire them to keep experimenting  in their art.


Alongside this project I worked with children from two local primary schools. We looked at their town, past and present, focusing especially on their milling history and created recycled towns consisting of building old an new.

PM11- Inspiration

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A collaborative art installation between myself and the children who visited SAICA through several workshops