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Britain's native trees will be wiped out if we are not careful. Although they are usually replaced with saplings when they are chopped down the replacements are often non-native, faster growing species. Our trees are beautiful and natures pattern is being wiped out and redesigned. It's not just a shame to lose our native trees though, they often house wildlife whos survival is dependant on that particular species. This work is inspired by the patterns formed by the pores in trees.



Not a limited addition, every piece is different











I have become almost obsessed with the patterns found in microscopic images of tree pores and I have developed ideas for representing them in other areas of my practice since working on 'Pores for Thought', using them in printwork, books and paintings as well as in my installation work.

This work was shown at The Williamson Art Gallery, Wirral as part of the 'Wirral Metropolitan College Fellowship Show' and 'Liverpool Independents Biennial' from 2nd October-14 November 2010.


During the year I spent on the fellowship program at Wirral Metropolitan College I produced a body of work based on trees, in response to our involvement in the destruction of trees, concentrating on the importance and impact they have on the planet.


Collectively labelled ’A Year of Trees’ I didn’t realise at that point that trees would continue to feature so predominantly in my work but I just keep getting drawn back to them not just because of their endangerment and importance for the survival of the planet or connection to paper but also because of their beauty. Pores for Thought was one of threes installations shown.


A year of Trees

Pores for Thought

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