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Julie Dodd

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Prenton High School projects

I've been working at Prenton High School for Girls over the last few years. As part of my role there I have started working with the girls on projects based around my work as well as running art clubs for them.

I showed the girls images of my work and demonstrated how to create images based on my cell pieces  using pencil, pen and watercolour techniques. The girls are creating one A5 artwork each inspired by my work for home learning,

Tree Pores and other plant cell drawings and paintings

I was asked to develop a project for a yr10 class based on my coral colony work. My aim was to develop their paper manipulating skills using cutting, sculpting, rolling etc whilst they studied the natural form of various corals. I demonstrated several ways of working over a couple of sessions with the girls, starting them off with simple forms which they enhanced later with painting techniques and even the choice of papers they used.


The girls worked on cardboard plates measuring 15cm by 15cm but worked on their coral collections for a few sessions first. I found this was best or the temptation to start different corals was hard to resist and I thought it was important to form strong clusters of corals. Unlike my work I wanted the girls to use colour in their work so that they could study living, diverse corals which could be represented using a variety of papers, textures and paint with the girls working on the additional considerations of colour, shape and size combinations.

Decorative Fungi

Coral Colonies

I was asked to work with two other classes at Prenton to show them how to create fungal pieces from paper in the same way as the coral. The girls were already working on a project so this is just an additional task to add detail to the lovely sculptural pieces they are already creating. They are producing a small sample piece measuring 9cm by 9cm using a tiny board that they are taking forward by reproducing the most successful fungi as detail on their sculptures.

IMG_3234 IMG_3229

I based my demonstrations around these two coral filled boards, with the one of the left being the basis of my first two sessions with simple techniques to get the girls started and then a third demonstration showing the girls the more difficult techniques on the the coral filled board on the right.


This is a project in progress, most of the girls have almost finished their boards but with so much more potential in taking this project further the girls are going to be working on the project longer than we first anticipated. I have been working on the additional stage to the project which the girls will be strating after Easter.

I am restricting the girls to using white paper for the last stage of the projects, briging their work closer to mine and concentrating their attentions on the composition, detail etc.

IMG_3317 IMG_3331 IMG_3349a IMG_3355

The girls have almost finished their fungi boards now so many of them have moved back to their sculptures, adding clusters of fungi to them.  

group 2 17th march IMG_3273 IMG_3274 IMG_3296 IMG_3299 IMG_3298 IMG_3300 IMG_3303

I based my demonstrations around these two fungi samples and also showed the girls some transferable techniques from the coral samples.


This is a project in progress and I will update this page as it goes on.

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