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'Mapping the West' was collaborative book project between WMC Fine Art degree Students and BYU students in Utah. We were given a map of the 'Escalante' Region and a project brief asking us to produce a book whilst visiting Utah that would be based on a camping trip to Escalante with the BYU students using the dimensions of the book page and paper size of the map for our work.

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'Black and White Cell' Books are based on cells dividing. Each cell was printed from little round cardboard plates.


'Stitched Cell' Books here relief printed, cut and then sewn back together onto Japanese paper to keep their fragility.

Writing isn’t a joy for me and so far has only featured in one of my books, 'Talking landscapes' but this can't really be credited to me as it was formed from recorded conversations. The words themselves are unimportant, as it's the experience that the book sums up.


Although I don't use words, I do look at content. I am interested in enhancing the experience of the book so when I’m creating books I primarily think how they can be physically and aesthetically pleasing and how interaction with it as an object can occur.

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Talking Landscapes

Printed Books

'Black and White Cell' Books

'Stitched Cell' Books


Identity Books

Miniture books based on fingerprints

'Talking Landscapes' is about my experience and adventure. The book fuses together the topography of this astonishing environment with the contours of the body and with our on the road conversations that took place over the length of the camping trip. Mostly meaningless snippets to anyone else, but full of memories for me.


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Created as part of a large body of work 'Foreign Bodies' showing to Jamestown, NY throughout April as part of a group show 'COLONIZE' by SCIBase artists.


'Foreign Bodies'

Looking at the diseases spread during colonisation of North America, the diseases themselves colonising areas of the body.


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