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Loves Eternal Rings



I just received the “Love Eternal Rings ” and it is beautiful!!!!!  Thank you for creating this piece – it turned out even more beautiful than I could have imagined... I am deeply grateful (and lucky) that I found you on the internet and that you took such a sweet interest in creating a memorable piece for us.  I hope we are all lucky enough that I will be able to contact you in another 30 years to create a piece with more rings!





Last night, Melinda, my wife of 30 years presented me with the most special gift.  Between her wonderful creativity and imagination and your outstanding artistic talents I received something I will cherish my remaining years.  The analogy of the aging rings of a tree representing the growth of a relationship was masterful.  You and she have teamed to make this fella very happy with the visual reminder of a wonderful married life.  Thank you for working and conspiring with her.


Most Appreciative,  Dan


Tree Rings

IMG_5406 IMG_5420

I was asked to create a cross section for a couples first wedding anniversary measuring six inches with six tree rings to represent six yearsof them being together. We discussed using some materials that had significance to the couple. The addition of wedding papers and their favourite album has added a little colour and texture to the usual book page creations.  

The first tree rings piece that I was asked to create for a wedding anniversary. This one was for a couple who were celebrating 30 years of marriage.