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Tree Project

I have produced two tree projects, I was first approached to create signage for an appartment block in New Brighton near the waterfront. My first draft was based on waves, (bottom of page) But once I visited the site and met the residents it was clear that a more relevant subject would be trees. It also became apparent that the residents would like to be further involved and so a collaboration between myself and the residents began. I ran workshops with two groups of eldery participants and they took the project even further by working together and with others during coffee mornings, and a couple of the ladies worked with their grandchildren on visits. So this project had a much wider scope of participants than I had imagined.

IMG_5490 IMG_5510 waves a tree altered  multiple leaves tree small IMG_5491

Both trees were reated using old book pages, magazines and a selection of brown papers

This was the first tree idea put forward, originally designed as signage.


This was the final tree idea that I put forward and once it was approved and I worked from it when making the wall piece.

Original idea based on waves

The second tree was produced for Beaconsfield Community House after the first tree had been seen and I was asked if I could make something similar but with the tree being based on the logo of Beaconfield Community Houseand. I prepared the papers prior to the workshops as this piece needed to be produced in a relatively short time. The tree was created through workshops at Beaconsfield Community House and the Williamson Art Gallery with groups of children and adults and also with the help of people working on it independently, returning the finished work to be added to the tree.

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Tree in situ, looking from ground floor benetah the installation

IMG_4458 (2) IMG_4456