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2014 Image of 'Back to your Roots' used for front cover of 'Thinking Outside The Book' by Augusta Rohrbach

2013 PM11: Inspiration. The Story of an Art Installation at Saica's New Paper Mill. Article for The Quarterly, The Journal of the British Association of Paper Historians Edition No. 87 July 2013

2012 Artist Residency posting on the Bluecoat Display Centre blog

2010 Commissioned article for 2010 Degrees Supplement, a-n (Artists Newsletter)

2009  2009 Degrees Supplement,  a-n (Artists Newsletter)



2019 The Countryman Magazine

2018 Poppies for The Wilfred Owen Commemoration, ITV Granada Reports

2017-2018 Images of a paper egg. Blood Cells and Inner Beauty in the December 2017- January 2018  of Harvard Business Review magazine France

2017 Artist of the month interview on The Art List 

2017 Out of Palms Way, Fungal Spores and Fungi books in News 12 New Jersey report of a book art exhibition from John Bathke

2017 Interview for Featured Artist section of Art in Liverpool

2015 Interview for CODA Paper Art Julie dodd, Kunstbeeld No.6 2015

2015 CODA Museum puts on Grand Display- CODA Paper Art 2015 on Textile is More

2015 Image of Illegal Logging in Harvard Business Review magazine France April-May

2014 Review of my work in the 'Colonize' exhibition on the front page of The Post-Journal, Jamestown, NY, 5/4/2014 Vol 187 No. 321

2014 Spotlight Artist for the Spotlight article series on Practical Sustainability in the April 2014 edition of Harvard Business Review magazine, using images of a paper egg, blood cells, Inner beauty and Illegal Logging  in the various articles

2013 Artist featured on The Literary Republic

2013 The Trees of Julie Dodd on Book Patrol

2013 Paper Shrubbery Sculptures on Trend Hunter Eco

2013 Artist featured in Floral & Tendances issue 21, Jan-Feb 2013

2012 Biomimicry Through Papercraft on Make Blog

2012 Installations about trees by Julie Dodd on Made in Slant

2012 Artist featured on Playing with Books

2012 The Papercraft Biology Art of Julie Dodd on Geekosystem

2012 Recycled paper art by Julie Dodd on Inspiration of the Nation

2012 Review for Can’t See The Trees For The Forest at The Comma Project review on Art in Liverpool

2012 Artist featured on Dadatart

2012 Artist Featured on Mitademo

2012 Tree Art by Julie Dodd on Design Soak

2012 British artist makes authentic marbled egg sculptures from pieces of reused paper on Eco Friend

2012 Interview about the construction of 'Paper Eggs' for Fast

2012 Julie Dodd Sculpts Delicate Nature Inspired artwork from layers of recycled paper on Inhabitat

2012 Artist featured on Collabcubed

2011 Paper Eggs featured on DAAF

2011 Artist featured on Woodland Trust

2011 Artist featured on All Things Paper

2011 Artist featured on Discover Paper

2010 Interview about my work from The Gallery Liverpool group Exhibition by Liverpool Confidential

2010 Images of my degree work were included in CutClickmagazine issue 17 

2009 Artist of the week on ArtinLiverpool 

2009 Printmaking Today, Volume 18, Summer Issue 2009


Publications and Reviews