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Julie Dodd

Environmental Artist      Installation Artist       Altered Book Artist       Paper Sculptor       Book maker       Printmaker

Suitable for all ages.


I've worked on various recycled forests using recycled books pages or recycled paper.


This workshop has been adjusted to cater for most age groups and can be run as a workshop lasting a few hours, as a drop-in style workshop, or as an extension task. It is best suited to  group projects, working as a team to build a forest together.


A recycled book project catering for all ages, which involved building an indigenous forest with the community over a month through drop-in sessions. It can be viewed in more detail here.

Recycled Tree Workshops

Recycled Forest

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A workshop for teenagers and adults, building trees that are unique. The workshop can involve sewing or be more straight forward using glue.

This work was produced during extension tasks throughout a week at five Wigans libraries. An easy workshop with quick results. To find out more about my time at the Wigan libraries click here.