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Julie Dodd

     Installation Artist       Altered Book Artist       Paper Sculptor       Book maker       Printmaker

When developing this project I chose oak leaves to represent the fallen after discovering that the oak leaf has significance locally and nationally.  Many of the Cheshire Regiments battalions were formed on the Wirral with their emblem being a spray of oak leaves with an acorn as the center focus. Also It was decided during the Great War that a ‘sprig of oak leaves’ as an emblem could be worn with the ribbon of the Victory Medal, signifying a mention in dispatch.


This page will be updated regularly as the project progresses leading up to November 11th.

The Fallen Oak Leaf Project

11th November 2018 marks 100 years since the end of World War 1. As artist in residence at Prenton High School for Girls I am producing a large installation with the community displaying leaves from Britain's Oak trees to represent the fallen. The artwork will be displayed at the Williamson Art Gallery in Birkenhead in November.  The leaves are being decorated with family stories, names of soldiers, poems, photographs and drawings. Through the sessions we are sharing our thoughts and feelings, and are remembering some of the lives lost through our creative writings and messages of appreciation.

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