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Wilfred Owen Commemoration Poppies

I was commissioned by the Wilfred Owen Commemoration to design a poppy that could be made by people of almost any age or ability. After developing a pattern I researched paper types that would withstand the November weather and decided how they could be displayed. The poppy worksheets went into Primary schools in Birkenhead and surrounding areas along with a link to the youtube video showing a step by step guide of  how to put the poppy together. I have run many workshops in the community making poppies with older people, people with learning difficulties, military families and with families from the community visting a drop in workshop. They are on display in Hamilton Square Gardens, Borough Rd, The Pyramids Shopping Centre and Market Street in Birkenhead.


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Above; Hamilton Square

Right; Borough Road

Left; Pyramids Shopping Centre


Three Pyramids built from recycled cardboard collected from the retailers at the Pyramid Shopping Centre in Birkenhead.

During November they were used as a base to display Paper poppies for the 100 year commemorance of World War 1 on the 11th November.

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