Julie Dodd

Workshops for Schools

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Using recycled books pages, a little wire and tape.

Recycling books using cutting and folding techniques

IMG_3778 the fallen leaf project leaf IMG_9332 fungi 2small fungi 3small 20180404_194056

Paper manipulated workshop created various corals


Working on various cell structures in watercolour, print and 3D.

I can develop workshops to fit alongside the school curriculum whether they are loosely based on my own art practice or are to be developed from scratch. Please see examples below.


If you are interested email me with as much information as you can:

Subject matter/ideas

Year group/groups

Length of workshop/workshops



A bespoke project commemorating the centenary of the end of WW1 with unique tributes to the fallen

Working on various sewing techniques

Looking at different Cultures to fit the curriculm


Paper manipulated workshop created various fungi

Paper manipulated workshop to create a map