Julie Dodd

Recycling books to make various recognisable forms from nature.

Most of my workshops involve using recycled materials. Here are just a few examples of already developed workshops. If you have a particular subject in mind for a workshop please ask me about it.


Please email me if you want to find out more, see more examples, or ask any questions.


Using various materials, many recycled to produce Christmas themed decorations and presents.

IMG_3716 IMG_9266 Mail black large

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Working on projects with children aged 8-15

I develop workshops in the style of my work, workshops to fit alongside the school curriculum and workshops that I developed from scratch for the client

Projects and workshops as Artist in Residence at Wigan Libraries


Recycling materials to make various recognisable forms from nature.

the fallen leaf project leaf IMG_6089 20180404_194056 utah 3 panoramica 102_0476

Recycling plastics to make various recognisable forms from nature


Recycling textiles to make various projects

Recycling cardboard to make various projects

Most of my workshops are created especially for the clients but some are truely bespoke.

Outreach projects in various locations

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